The Merry Widow 2010



What Makes ‘The Merry Widow’ Merry?

Franz Lehar’s sensual story, brilliantly reflected in its vibrant score, brings us the time-honored plot, “Boy Meets-Loses-Gets Girl” in the mythical kingdom of Pontevedro . The Girl: Hanna Glawari. The Boy: Count Danilo, chargé d’affaires at the Pontevedrian Embassy in Paris , where the story takes place. The two were once in love, but could not marry since she was a “commoner.” 

At an Embassy party, Hanna exposes the reason for her merriment,
“For love seldom ignites so many hearts within an hour,
But just one frank look at my bankbook explains my mysterious power.”

Widowhood has left her heiress to twenty million francs after a conveniently brief marriage to an aged banker. 

Hungarian composer Lehar, born in 1870, was captivated by Slavic melodies he heard in his travels as conductor of military orchestras to faraway outposts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. These melodies wind through the endless chain of wishes and passions, of kisses and embraces in The Merry Widow.

Carolyn Coefield’s coloratura soprano voice brings Hanna to life opposite Chris Johnson’s Danilo on September 25 and 26. Megan King, Gennard Lombardozzi, Robert Aaron Taylor, and Billings businessman Chris Montague complete the cast. Maestro Andy Anderson conducts the Rimrock Opera Orchestra and Dr. Chris Sheppard prepares the chorus. Choreography is by Krista Marshall. Douglas Nagel produces and directs.



Story: Merry Widow’ this weekend

Story: ‘Merry Widow’ dresses up, steps up

Director/Producer: Doug Nagel
Conductor: Andy Anderson
Hanna Glawari: Carolyn Coefield
Danilo: Chris Johnson
Valencienne: Megan King
Camille: Gennard Lombardozzi
Baron Zeta: Robert Aaron Taylor
Njegus: Justin Ward
Sylvaine: Kristy Dallas
Olga: Mary Ryan
St. Brioche: Lance E. Hansen
Cascada: Quentin Staton
Bogdanovitsch: David Otey
Kromov: Nate Liptac
Lady’s Maid:  Sharon Harris
Chorus Master: Daren Small

Chorus Members: Kristy Dallas, Kelly Deiling, Erin Small, Steve Green, >Lance E. Hansen, Josh Head, Shirley Herman, Nate Liptac, David Otey, Aaron Pagniano, Janie Rife, Shelly Ryan, Mary Ryan, Mike Ryan, Judy Schwager, Quentin Staton, Kristin Van Luchene, Justin Ward
Grisettes: Maria Day-Margot, Kristy Dallas-Dodo, Hannah Bondurant-Gigi, Jessica Courtney-Lulu, Mary Erickson-Fifi, Janie Rife-Frou-Frou

Choreographer: Krista Marshall
Costume Director: Loretta Wittmer
Assistant Costume Director: Marie Thompson
Make-up Director: Angie Stidham
Stage Manager: Richelle Stricker
Lighting Designer: Alex Heyneman
Rehearsal Pianist: Sandi Rabas
Sets: Utah Festival Opera
Set Technical Director: James Lyden
Costumes: Westendorf Costume Emporium
English Text: Pocket Opera, San Francisco