The Elixir of Love


Donizetti’s comic masterpiece, “The Elixir of Love,” tangles and untangles love and laughter.

“Elixir,” at the Alberta Bair Theater March 28 and 30, spins the tale of Nemorino, a love-struck peasant in a country village who swoons at the sight of the free-spirited Adina, a beautiful and wealthy landowner. A traveling peddler appears with an enchanted love potion. Nemorino empties his bank account to buy the elixir, hoping it will gain him her love. Unexpected results, which Nemorino credits to the potion, throw the characters into chaos.

There’s not a lot to be taken seriously in this comedy by Donizetti, except for the glorious music. Alissa Rose, Jeffrey Kitto, Chris Johnson, Bradley Thompson and Carolyn Coefield take starring roles.

2nd Thumbs UP goes to Elixir.

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Barbara Day Turner, conductor

Douglas Nagel, director

Alissa Rose, Adina

Jeffrey Kitto, Nemorino

Chris Johnson, Belcore

Robert Aaron Taylor, Dr. Dulcamara

Carolyn Coefield, Giannetta

Dr. Chris Sheppard, Chorus Master

Sandi Rabas, pianist

Jean-Francois Revon, Set Designer

Jill Port, costume designer

Alex Heyneman, lighting designer