One Act Festival 2010



Rimrock Opera Summer Festival

Rimrock Opera presents two one-act operas, The Telephone, by Gian Carlo Menotti, and Leonard Bernstein’s Trouble in Tahiti. Both shows are sung in English. 

The semi-staged twin bill, produced and directed by Douglas Nagel, plays Saturday, July 17, at the Babcock Theater, at 7:30 PM, and Sunday, July 18, 3:00 PM, at Shiloh United Methodist Church, 1810 Shiloh Road. Tickets are $20, available at the door of both venues. For more information, phone 406-671-2214. 

The Telephone. featuring Billings native, William Mouat, Jacquelyn Marie Weitz and Sandi Rabas, is a comic opera based on the story of Ben, who wants to marry Lucy. He tries in vain to propose, but because she is endlessly on the telephone, he is rarely able to capture her attention. 

Trouble in Tahiti stars Michelle Berger, also a Billings native, with William Mouat, Chris Sheppard, Janie Rife, Nate Liptac and Sandi Rabas. This is a work of great wit, straddling the line between opera and Broadway–a singing and dancing tour de force for Ms. Berger. Bernstein speaks straight to our hearts in this one-act masterpiece with music that is lively, jazzy, and uniquely American.



Story: Singing, acting superb in one-act opera festival

Story: Rimrock Opera stages summer one-act festival