About the Opera

About the opera

“Cosi fan tutte,’’ which translates to “Women are Fickle,’’ was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and first performed Jan. 26, 1790, in Vienna. Sung in Italian, it will have English super titles above the stage when it is performed by the Rimrock Opera Company.

“Cosi” tells the story of an elderly cynic, Don Alfonso, who discusses women with two young officers Ferrando and Guglielmo. The two young men insist that their sweethearts are virtuous and they agree to accept Alfonso’s wager that he can prove the ladies fickle if they do what he says for the next 24 hours.

The two sisters Fiordiligi and Dorabella revel in their love for the young officers, showing lockets with their pictures. But, as part of the scheme, Alfonso comes in with bad news ?the men have been called to their regiment.

Meanwhile, the maid Despina offers the sisters advice about forgetting old lovers with the help of new ones. The sisters reject her advice and Dorabella becomes outraged. But it isn’t long before the two officers, disguised as Albanians, arrive to woo the sisters, according to Alfonso’s instructions. After a mock poisoning, the sisters’ hearts start to open to the strangers.

Dennis Rupp, who plays Alfonso in the production, said highlights of the show include Lisa Lombardy’s aria as Fiordiligi.

“It’s a tour de force,’’ Rupp said.

Other highlights include a duet between Dorabella, portrayed by Diedra Walker, and Guglielmo, portrayed by Curt Olds, in the second act, according to music director/conductor Timm Rolek.

“To me, the duet is some of the most beautiful music ever written,’’ Rolek said.