About the art: Noel Hawke

Artist Bio:  My mother ironed clothes and played recordings of Mozart while I listened from the playpen.  Now, able to hum fragments of many well-known tunes, I nonetheless can’t read a musical note.  Hoping to tap gently upon the funny bone of those who do, I’ve let whimsy guide the creation of this visual pun for music lovers.  I’m a member of Billings Arts Association and the Carbon County Arts Guild, and have exhibited in two Artwalks.  Painting landscapes and still lifes in watercolor is my favorite two-dimensional outlet.  To me, the goal of painting is to make the viewer feel, and this instance, to give you a smile.

Title of Artwork:  Eine Kleine Welstmusik (A Little World Music)

Description of  Artwork:  Clarinet (a decommissioned Rene’ Dumont instrument) painted in blue and green pearlescent acrylic and texturizing medium.

Approximate Retail Value:  $250.00