The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe


The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis, dramatized by Adrian Mitchell, A NOVA Youth Conservatory Production

Presented with permission by Dramatist Publishing.

Director: Dawn Nickerson

February 27-March 1, March 6-8, 2015

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Young Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy discover a mystical land called Narnia where an evil witch has reigned for many years. Join their conquest in conquering evil to restore the land’s once happy state.

“A high-quality presentation of one of the great pieces of children’s literature” –

Bristol Post


Professor Kirk/Father Christmas – Tom Mulford
Aslan – Matt Hundley
Peter Pevensie – Logan Shy
Susan Pevensie – Lauren Lane
Edmund Pevensie – Kievan McCave
Lucy Pevensie – Seja Foster
Mr Tumnus – Cruz Martinez
White Witch – Amanda McCave
Grumpskin – Gabe Slater
Maugrim – Cole Whittington
Beaver – James Pelham
Mrs Beaver – Holly Howe
Rumblebuffin – Evan Ulrichs
Wolf/Warden – Loren Hart
Wolf/Porter – Miyon Durham
Mrs. MaCready – Glenda Braunies
Ivy/Hag – Shannon Sheehy
Margaret/Deer – Danielle Dupree
Betty/Wraith – Makay Loran
Sightseer/Cruel – Madi Morgan
Sightseer/Leopard – Kesley Larson
Sightseer/Robin – Chloe Mayer
Fox/Centaur – Emma Ulrichs
Satyr/Centaur – Micah Andrews
Squirrels – Mya Mack, Abby Beddes
Unicorn – Kenzy Gilsdorf
Lion – Luke Johnson



Production Assistant – Ashlyn Lawson