The Boy at the Edge of Everything

Boy at the Edge of Everything

The Boy at the Edge of Everything by Finegan Kruckemeyer

A NOVA Youth Conservatory Production

Director: Dan Nickerson

October 3-12, Black Box Theater


Take a trip on an intergalactic journey through space and time– a quirky and fun play that exudes a young boy’s imagination and adventure.

“A canny, witty way of reflecting on worlds unknown”- The Seattle Times

Cast List:

Colin/Boy at the Edge – Carrick Napier

Simon – Tyler Shackelford

Michael – Cruz Martinez

Artie – Kievan McCave

Chloe – Reagan Melber

Mom – Chloe Mayer

Dad – Matthew Hagen

Louie – Ryland Nelson

Unpeeling the Onion

by director Dan Nickerson

When I took over as Youth Director in the Fall of 2013 I made it my mission to pick shows that would challenge our youth on many levels. I wanted to build upon the education and passion that had been laid before me by my predecessors, but also start to form my own artistic vision in the Billings community. I believe the work done by NOVA’s youth, teachers, directors and myself over the past year have put us down the right path but The Boy at the Edge of Everything will cement that vision and give our Youth Conservatory the identity it’s been working towards.

I first heard about The Boy at the Edge of Everything through a college friend of mine who saw the show in its infancy at the New Victory Theater in NYC as well as it’s premiere at Seattle Children’s Theatre in the Spring. I could easily see it being a great script for our Youth Conservatory season and immediately contacted Australian, playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer to pursue the rights.

The show itself centers around the life of Simon Ives; A “twelve and a bit year old boy” who lives in the chaos of middle school life. Between friends, homework, sports and obnoxiously loud family dinners, he struggles to find the time to “just sit….and be.” Through a random series of events, including the igniting of improperly stored fireworks, Simon is launched into the deepest corner of space where he meets a boy, living at the edge of the unknown universe, who shows him just what he’s been looking for.

With such a small cast, I chose eight kids who could easily play any role in the production and understand its complexities. It has been my pleasure to work with such a cohesive ensemble with whom I encourage to think of me as their facilitator, rather than director, to stress the importance of free thinking. In the true nature of ensemble work, every idea, whether we choose to use it or not, is useful. They have continued to evolve as actors and people throughout the rehearsal process; discovering new depths in Finegan’s explosive writing and, as I say to them, unpeeling the onion to expose another unique layer (even crying a bit; as onions make you do).

Through a series of stage pictures, movement pieces and yoga-like meditation we have created a visually and intellectually stimulating show, sure to be a crowd pleaser. Without giving away too much, audiences can expect an intergalactic ride through space and time, leaving them with questions about the universe and how we perceive ourselves in it. Don’t miss out on a truly transcendental show that will shape the very fabric of NOVA’s Youth Conservatory for years to come.