The Boy at the Edge of Everything

Boy at the Edge of Everything

The Boy at the Edge of Everything by Finegan Kruckemeyer

A NOVA Youth Conservatory Production

Director: Dan Nickerson

October 3-12, Black Box Theater


Take a trip on an intergalactic journey through space and time– a quirky and fun play that exudes a young boy’s imagination and adventure.

“A canny, witty way of reflecting on worlds unknown”- The Seattle Times

Cast List:

Colin/Boy at the Edge – Carrick Napier

Simon – Tyler Shackelford

Michael – Cruz Martinez

Artie – Kievan McCave

Chloe – Reagan Melber

Mom – Chloe Mayer

Dad – Matthew Hagen

Louie – Ryland Nelson

Thank you for a wonderful audition process. You are all truly talented individuals and should be proud. It’s cliche’ to say but you really made casting a challenge. To accept or deny your role, please reply through Facebook or by emailing/calling director, Dan Nickerson at or 206-384-9303.

Thank you and Congratulations!