Mauritius by Theresa Rebeck

Presented with permission by Samuel French, Inc.

Director: Amanda Megyesi-McCave

November 7-22, Black Box Theater


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The criminal underworld of stamp collectors exposed—who even knew that existed? Theresa Rebeck’s play, Mauritius, pits two estranged half-sisters against each other when they discover their mother has left them two rare stamps that have, in turn, left philatelists the world over (including three who figure prominently in this comedy) all grabbing and snatching for ownership. The survival of the fittest–or of the fastest in the race—makes for tension-filled scenes of betrayal and frustration, very like scenes penned by Rebeck for TV shows such as “NYPD Blue” and “Law and Order: Criminal Intent”. 

Intrigue abounds as sisters discover they are in possession of rare stamps.   Danger awaits them as the discovery becomes known by seedy collectors.

“A taut, twisty little thriller….” Seattle Times


Thank you all for auditioning. I have never had such a difficult time casting a show before. You each brought something unique and great to the auditions and to the characters. If you would like feedback or want to help in any capacity, please email me at 

Dawn Nickerson (Jackie) sister who stayed home to care for parents

Kristin Mayer (Mary) sister who left for boarding school and never returned. Until now.

Stephen Daem (Philip) owner of stamp store

Travis Kuehn  (Dennis) collector/ hustler/ associated with Sterling

Vincent Raye (Sterling) mobster/ stamp collector

We will have a read through on Thursday, October 2, at NOVA at 7pm. I will have scripts and a tentative rehearsal schedule at that time. I’m excited to get started and really look forward to working with you all.