It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play


It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play by Joe Landry

Sponsored by Langlas & Associates and Billings Concrete.

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Presented with permission by Playscripts, Inc.

Director: Susan Sommerfeld

December 5-20, Roebling Theater

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It’s A Wonderful Life sparkles as a radio show. The audience sees and hears this American Holiday Classic come to life as actors bounce from character to character and sound effect to sound effect.

“A fresh and inventive way of reconnecting with a classic story of love and redemption.”  Chicago Times


Craig Huisenga – George

Anjanett Hawk – Mary 

William Mouat – Mr. Potter & Uncle Billy and other roles. 

Kelsey Reid Steffan – Violet Bick, George’s mother Rose and his daughter Zuzu, among others. 

Levi Hunt – Clarence, the “Angel Second-Class” and voices of other roles.

Hilary Hunt – Radio stage manager, sound effects technician and voices of other roles. 

Kathy McLain – Keyboard player

Darin Niebuhr – Music Director