Dinosaurs Before Dark


Dinosaurs Before Dark Book by Jenny Laird
Music and Lyrics by Randy Courts
Additional Lyrics by Will Osborne
Based on Magic Tree House #1: “Dinosaurs Before Dark” by Mary Pope Osborne

A NOVA Youth Conservatory Production

  • Friday & Saturday performances at 7pm
  • Sunday matinees at 2pm

Presented with permission by Music Theatre International (MTI).

Director: Mary Ann Connors

April 17-26, 2015, Black Box Theater

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A wild adventure begins when two siblings find themselves living inside a book where dinosaurs and ancient creatures ruled the earth.


CONGRATULATIONS and we were impressed with the talents you shared. Unfortunately we can not accommodate all of you in our cast this time. Please plan to audition for our youth shows as they come along several times a year. Never, never, never give up!

Dinosaurs Before Dark Cast List:

Cast A: April 17, 25 & 19
Cast B: April 24, 18 & 26

Annie (Cast A) – Katie Combs
Annie (Cast B) – Anastasia Nupier

Jack (Cast A) – William Shields
Jack (Cast B) – Noah Paulson

Henry – Rylan Melber

T-Rex (Cast A)…Anastasia Nupier
Noah Paulson

T-Rex (Cast B)…Katie Combs
William Shields

Otto/Ankylosaurus – Jaelee Von Schriltz
Stump/Iguanodon – Landry Gatlin
Terri – Ellen Summers
Larry – Keatin Hertz
Gary – Megan Brownson
Natty – Faith Carreno
Susan – Lola Hemmat
Joan – Gianna Johnson
Toto – Liam McCaughey
Protoceratops – Ricci Summers
Panoplosaurus – Gracie Fulton
Troodon – Sharon Combs

Red Pines…Faith Carreno
Lola Hemmat
Keatin Hertz
Gianna Johnson

Hemlocks…Megan Brownson
Sharon Combs
Ellen Summers
Ricci Summers

Saplings…Gracie Fulton
Gianna Johnson
Liam McCaughey 
Ava Rice
Elizabeth Rieke

Baby Dinos…Sharon Combs
Gracie Fulton
Ava Rice
Elizabeth Rieke


Mother…Miranda Wallace
Brianna West

Questions? Email Director Mary at mary.ann.connors.mac@gmail.com

See you Tuesday, March 3 at 5:00!

Thanks! — Mary, Travis, Brianna, and Miranda