Brundibar: A Youth Opera

*Image Courtesy of Inner-Tour Blogger

September 30, October 1 6, 7, 8* 13, 14, 15*

A Youth Conservatory Production


Anna and Papicek go to the market to get some milk for their sick mother. As they don’t have any money, they decide to follow the example of the organ grinder-Brundibar-people throw coins into his hat when he makes music. Anna and Papicek sing their favorite song but nobody listens to them. When they try to draw attention to themselves, they are chased away from the market for being a nuisance. It is almost dusk. Aninka and Pepicek don’t know what to do. How can they sing louder than the bad old organ grinder with their small voices? Lots of children must sing – that might work. At this cue, a dog, a cat, and a sparrow are on the spot and promise to help. The next morning, the animals round up all the children in town, who make a large choir. The plan succeeds: their singing is louder than the barrel organ, the people listen, and soon Pepicek’s cap is full of coins. Suddenly, Brundibár appears, grabs the cap from Pepicek, and tries to run away with the money. However, he is only one against many and he doesn´t stand a chance. The children celebrate their victory and the choir sings of friendship and support for each other.

Friday and Saturday performances are at 7:30 PM . Sunday matinees are at 2:00PM*.

Ticket prices are $16/Adults, Seniors, Military and $10/Students.