No Strings Attached (September 8-23)

September 8,9, 14-16 & 21-23, 2018 in the Roebling Theater
Youth Musical, Performed by Youth Actors in Grades 2-8
Presented with Permission from Hal Leonard
By Mary Donnelly & George L.O. Strid
Watch the enchanting story of the old woodcarver Geppetto and his marionette son Pinocchio come to life in this musical adaptation of clever characters and lessons to be learned. Curiosity and temptation keep getting Pinocchio into trouble when he meets up with the Puppet Master, Sly Foxx, Klever Katt, String Bean, the Donkey Children, and the Terrible Shark. Discover how a talking cricket and a magical friend help Pinocchio learn the importance of obedience, respect and truth. This 50-minute musical features an expanded script and nine original songs – ideal for upper elementary and middle school performers who can handle a full-length musical production.