A Christmas Carol

December 7-9, & 14-16 in the Roebling Theater
All Ages Play
Presented with Permission from Samuel French
Adapted by John Mortimer
This classic Christmas tale is re-energized to include a doll toting girl, and recreate the role of Ebeneezer Scrooge making him less an evil tyrant and more a gentle old man with psychological hang-ups. This interpretation of a Christmas Carol leans toward being a study of the character of Scrooge while still playing out our favorite Holiday tale of the magic of Christmas.

Ebeneezer Scrooge
  – Steve Zediker                                              
Bob Cratchit – Taylor Haidle     
Tiny Tim – Liam McCaughey
Jacob Marley’s Ghost – Sean Battise     
Mrs. Cratchit
 – Susan McCaughey
Peter Cratchit
 – Evan Hansen
Belinda Cratchit – Samantha McCaughey
Martha Cratchit – Evelyn Atkinson
The Spirit of Christmas Past – Karla Stricker
The Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come – Jalani Lee
Child Scrooge – Owen McCaughey
Young Scrooge – Jalani Lee
Headmaster – Cole Johnson
Fan Scrooge’s Sister – TBA
Dick Wilkins – TBA
Mrs. Fezziwig – Ginger Roll
Belle – Magnolia West
Bell’s Husband  – Cole Johnson
Bell’s Daughter – TBA
Spirit of Christmas Present – Manni Ratliff
Fred, Scrooge’s Nephew – Kenny Southgate
Fred’s Wife TBA
Miss Rosie TBA
Joe – Kassandra Green
Charwoman – Toni Bell

Lindsey Minor, Annabelle Blake, Shae Mode, Abbigayle Crawford,
Shayna Versten, Amanda Steele, Lilly Ascheman, Aria Lund
Chesney Bellamy, Erin Tucker, Sarah Jones, Aubre Childers
Madilyn Kenat, Karli Van Atta, Allison Warner, Nevach Pegar,
Evelyn Atkinson