Schoolhouse Rock Live! Auditions



Thanks you so much for everyone who came out. We had a great turnout with so many talented kids. We’ve decided that you all deserve to be in the show! Listed below is the cast list. I’ve cast 3 different version of the 5 leads so that we could involve more kids. We WILL actually be doing the full version, rather than the ‘Jr.’ version. This means more songs for you all. We will discuss additional solos and scene placement on the first day of rehearsal.

Ms. Mizer – Magnolia West
George – Joanne Ragsdale, Michael James, Edlen Brockman
Joe – Erica Hellegard, Davy Falder, Monica Bertucci
Dori – Jessamyn Reichert, Faith Lucero, Erin Tucker
Shulie – Allison Warner, Tilly Heenan, Lynsie Hope
Dina – Courtney Tougas, Azaria Jones, Jennaka Beartusk
Chorus 1 – Liam McCaughey, Evelyn Atkinson, Kassandra Green, Kingston Ragsdale, Jayden Ward
Chorus 2 – Quelin Hurt, Cecily Hope, Noble Hurd, Tavin Hurd, James Hurd, Eden Smith

Please confirm that you accept your part through Facebook, by stopping by NOVA, or calling our Box Office @ 406-591-9535. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks you again and we will see you on May 20th @ 5:30PM for our first rehearsal.

Dan Nickerson
Youth Director