Our Town Auditions

Thank you to all who auditioned. You all did a wonderful job. Unfortunately there weren’t enough roles for everyone. Listed below is the cast/crew list. If you weren’t cast, please come back and try again. Please confirm that you “accept” your role by calling the NOVA Box Office (591-9535) or posting “I accept” on the facebook post. I will be emailing the script as well as printing off copies for all who need. Please let me know if you need me to print one via facebook or Box Office phone. First read through will be January 4, 5-7 PM. Please go over your lines the next two weeks and work to be familiar and somewhat off book by the time we start. Aside from the Stage Manager, I don’t think is is a lot to ask. Thank you all! I can’t wait to get started.

Dan Nickerson


Production Assistants: Magnolia West, TBA

Stage Manager – Jalani Lee

Dr. Gibbs – Andrew Wolf

Joe Crowell Jr. – Sophia Heilman

Howie Newsome – Erin Houle (sorry if that’s the wrong last name, had a hard time reading it)

Mrs. Gibbs – Ginger Roll

Mrs. Webb – Crystal Oring

George Gibbs – Kyle Schreiber (understudy: TBA)

Rebecca Gibbs – Karli Albertson

Wally Webb – Dartanyan Oring/Gabe Nickerson

Emily Webb – Abigail Oltrogge (understudy: Magnolia West)

Professor Willard: Dan Nickerson

Mr. Webb: Robert Burtrand

Woman in the Balcony: Courtney Tougas (also Among the Dead and Foley Artist)

Man in the Auditorium: Evelyn Atkinson (also Among the Dead and Foley Artist)

Lady in the Box: Lynsie Hope (also Among the Dead and Foley Artist)

Simon Stimson: Dylan Pettit

Mrs. Soames: Mary Ann Connors

Constable Warren: Birdie Dapples

Si Crowell – Kaily Ribble (also Among the Dead and Foley Artist)

Three Baseball Players:  TBA

Sam Craig: Joseph Barrett

Joe Stoddard: Gary Treglown