Madeline & the Gypsies

Madeline and the Gypsies Cast List:

Congratulations to all who auditioned. It was a very difficult decision process, but here is the final Cast List.  Please confirm your role by replying to the Facebook post saying “I accept.”

First day of rehearsals will be Wednesday, March 7, at 4pm at NOVA in the Large Dance Room.

Miss Clavel: Jennaka Beartusk
Madeline: Aria Lund
Clementine: Katherine Englehart
Pepito: Cooper Hagen
Pepitos: Servant: Evelyn Atkinson

Erin Hope Kelley
Meta Judson
Kailey Elder
Ali Krause
Beatrice Layton
Enslee Faith Kelley
Cassiopeia Byram
Tilly Heenan
Lilian Ascheman
Emily Homer

Gendarme: Augustus Brockman
Cabbie: Owen McCaughey
Gentleman/Thief: Evan Hansen
French Woman:Kennedy Williams
Conductor: Amanda: Wilathgamuwa
Farmers: Mikaela Willems And Rylie Curry
Gypsy Mama: Elisha Joy Kelley
Strong Man: William Shields
Clown: Liam McCaughey
Barker: Courtney Tougas
Petronella/Contortionist: Isabella Stuart
Lion: Evelyne Mackey
Elephant: Noelle Englehart
Seal: Madalyne Byrd
Snake Charmer: Korbin Elsenpeter

Gypsies/Circus Performers:
Tia Schlosser
Samantha McCaughey
Autumn Lucia Byram
Alaina James
Chloe Park
Reghan Park
Lina Moore