Directed by Gary Treglown
A Rankin File Production
In the American West, a pioneer woman, Sarah, and six women, who are called her daughters, face frontier life. Rather than a straightforward storyline, the musical is presented as a series of short tales and tableaux matched with musical numbers, each presenting an aspect of frontier life or womanhood
WHEN: October 8 @ 4pm October 10 @ 7pm
WHERE: NOVA Center for the Performing Arts
WHO: 6f ages 18-35
WHAT: Actors need to prepare a hymn













Directed by DeLaney Hardy

Lemuel Gulliver recounts his wild tales of strange lands and exotic people in this satirical classic adapted from the Jonathon Swift novel.

WHEN: November 11 & 12
WHERE: NOVA Center for the Performing Arts
WHO: Actors in 4th through 12th grade.
PERFORMANCE DATES: January 27, 28*  February 2, 3, 4* 9, 10, 11*

*Actors do not need to prepare anything for auditions, but should come ready to do a cold reading from the script.