Twelfth Night, or What You Will Auditions

2014-15 Show LOGOS7

Nov 9 and 10 - 6:30pm to 9pm

Looking for energetic men and women aged 18+ 

Come to the audition knowing the basic storyline and ready to express yourself.

This play requires all actors to be off book by December 14th so there is plenty of time to PLAY.

The story is going to be set in the mid 80s, with tons of music, dancing, and eating. 

Some of the casting will be tough due to specific requirements, but what I really need are people who can project their voices, emotions, and metaphorical balls. 

(Bold print denotes leading characters)

Orsino (Duke) – male 20s-40s

Sebastian - brother of Viola (will speak in British accent)- male 20s-30s

Antonio – friend of Sebastian – male, possibly gay 20s-30s

Sea Captain – male – 40s to 60s

Valentine – works for the Duke – male 20s-40s

Curio – works for the Duke – male 20s-40s

Sir Toby Belch - Olivia’s drunken Uncle- male 40s to 50s

Sir Andrew Aguecheek - wooer of Olivia, friend to Sir Toby – male 20s-40s

Malvolio - Olivia’s household steward – male 40s-70s

Fabian – works for Olivia – male 20s-40s

Feste (Clown) – works for Olivia – male 20s-40s

Olivia - the woman every guy wants – female 20s

Viola - sister of Sebastian (will speak in British accent) – female 20s-30s

Maria - lives with Olivia – female 20s-40s

Other random male roles – small speaking or non speaking – 20s-70s