Improv Worshop

Join us at NOVA on Saturday November 10 and Sunday November 11 for an intensive 2-day improv workshop led by Venture Improv’s own Matthew & Tiffany Melia.

When: November 10 & 11, 2-5 PM (may end sooner)

Where: NOVA’s Roebling Theater

Who: Adults, 18 +

Cost: $10 (this is the cost for one or both days)

Why: Improv teaches you to think quickly on your feet and hone in on your impulses. It also makes a great introduction to NOVA’s improv team and could eventually lead to being in the troupe itself……and it’s fun!!!!

Day 1: Basic improv skills; miming, saying yes, etc….

Day 2: Learn improv games, audition for the troupe
(people interested in being a part of the troupe MUST come to both classes)