IMG_4123       summer camp intensive

We call this our ‘core program’ because it lies at the very heart of what we strive for at NOVA: empowering youth to become artists. The skills that make a good theater artist are the ones that help develop great human beings on and off stage. Learning to express yourself using voice, body and ensemble work helps an actor succeed-and develops empathy as you see the world from a different perspective. 

  • NOVA CORE CAMP (July 10-21, 9AM-5PM):

    Designed for grades 3-12. Join us for NOVA’s new, unified, core camp, which is sure to teach children how to be great performers, both on and offstage. This is an intense and exciting program focusing on character and relationships, students will dive into acting, movement, voice, stage craft and more to explore the basic rules and principals of theatre. As you grow, so will your skills. This camp runs July 10-21. Showcase for this camp will be Saturday, July 22 @ 12PM or 2PM (depending on which showcase you are cast in). Showcase placement auditions and check-in will be held Sunday, July 9 @ 5PM (grades 3-6) and 6PM (grades 7-12) at NOVA. Not cuts are made.