Cast List

Congratulations to the cast of “Gulliver’s Travels”

Please email to accept your role

Gulliver 1-Attics Mayer
Gulliver 2-Wyatt Garber
Gulliver 3-Luke Johnson
Julia Reger-Brown, Landry Gatlin, Haleigh rowden, Owen McCaughey, Olivia Baewer, Sophia Heilman, Kassandra Green, Ell Brockman
Mary 1-Cortney Tougas
Mart 2- Jadyn Sunwall
Samuel-Justin James
Captain Swift-.Kaily Rubble
Sailors-Beatrice Layton, Ali Krause, Isabella Stuart
Lookout-Addison Novasio
Sebastian-Emma Church
Captain-Lauren Wilder
Hurgo-Annabelle Blake
Herald-Cooper Hagen
Emperor-Liam McCaughey
Empress-Cassiopeia Byram
Blancam-Evelyn Atkinson
Flimnap-Macy Krumdieck
Skyresh-Kaylin Sunwall
Slamsa- Kennadie Swanton
Farmer-Landry Gatlin
Glumdalclitch-Gianni Johnson
Queen-Emma church
King-Rylan Melber
Dwarf-Samantha McCaughey
Scientist-Kassandra Green
Servant-Kylie Swanton
Noble One-Olivia Baewer
King-Azaria Jones
Advisor/Minister-Sable Orin
Beatrice Layton, Ali Krause, Jaelee Von schriltz, Amana Steele, Isabela Stuart, Addison Novasio-Sylvester, Sophia Heilman, Julia Reger-Brown
Kennadie Swanton, Annabelle Blake, Evelyn Atkinson, Samantha McCaughey, Macy Krumdieck
Judge Horse-Haleigh Rowden
Master Horse- Kennedy Williams
Prosecutor Horse-Cooper Hagen
Defense Horse-Isabella Stuart
Thank you all for coming out to audition! I am so excited to get started on this show. The first parent meeting/read through will be Tuesday November 21 at 5:30.
See you then,
Congratulations to the cast of, “A Celtic Christmas”

The Band
John Hoyer, Ginny Waples, Toni Bell, Patrick Kuntz, Ed Pierson, (Teri Hammerquist , Steve Zediker)

Actor/ singers
Shawn Bettise
Patrons and bar staff:
Danielle Turtainen
Benjamin Meyers
Janie Sutton
Manni Ratliff
Rebekah Rae (also dance coordinator)
Jeremy Hansen
Mic Dawson
Gary Treglown (also costumer)

William Shields
Ellie Manske

Our first rehearsals will be Wed Oct 4th and Thursday Oct 5th at 7pm. We will be trying out a lot of music and readings and will begin to assign specific characters, musical numbers, prose and poetry . By the end of the first week, we should have most everything assigned so you can start memorizing! Welcome Aboard!