Ask Letter

Dear Friend,


Thank you for helping NOVA Center for the Performing Arts bring educational, creative, entertaining theater to Billings. You are the reason we exist. Your hours of volunteering, your dedication to our Performing Arts Center, and your generous gifts have opened the eyes of young people and allowed them to express themselves in creative,fun, and new ways. NOVA serves you and our community.


We need your support.


Our productions rarely make a profit. Ticket sales cover only a portion of the expenses of producing a show. Utilizing volunteers helps offset much of the cost, but without you and your support, we would not be able to produce any shows. You are vital to our success.


You believe there is value in having an ongoing theater program in Billings. Help us grow. Help us to continue to offer great shows. Help us bring the acting experience to children in this community through programs like Venture into Schools. Help us to bring quality opera productions to Montana.


We believe in the arts and know that you do too. Please express your commitment by making a financial contribution to NOVA.


With warmest regards,



Dodie Rife

Managing Producer
NOVA Center for the Performing Arts