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Stamp-collecting thriller opens Friday at NOVA
Jaci Webb
• Nov 5, 2014

A thriller that exposes the criminal underworld of stamp collecting opens Friday at NOVA Center for the Performing Arts.
No, that’s no typo. “Mauritius” is a thriller about stamp collecting, pitting two half-sisters against each other.

The play, running through Nov. 22, was written by Theresa Rebeck.
The sisters discover their mother has left them rare stamps that have philatelists the world over, including three who figure prominently in this comedy, all grabbing and snatching for ownership.
The survival of the fittest — or of the fastest in the race — makes for tension-filled scenes of betrayal and frustration, very much like scenes penned by Rebeck for TV series such as “NYPD Blue” and “Law and Order: Criminal Intent.”

“Mauritius,” directed by Amanda Megyesi-McCave, is this season’s Rankin File production. The Rankin File, named after Montana legislator Jeannette Pickering Rankin, celebrates women in the theatrical arts: playwrights, directors, producers, actresses, designers, technicians and administrators.

Donors may join the Rankin File and see a sneak preview of “Mauritius” on Thursday by donating at least $50 to NOVA for the support of Rankin File productions. The evening will include an opportunity to hear from director Amanda Megyesi-McCave about the play and the process of producing it. Wine and desserts will be served.

The veteran cast includes: Dawn Nickerson and Kristin Mayer as the sisters; Vincent Raye, Travis Kuehn and newcomer Stephen Daem as the scheming stamp collectors. Kyle Trott designed the set.



Photographs by Hannah Potes, Gazette Staff

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